3 Best Electric Pasta Machines

There are so many types of Electric pasta machines on the market with of course some serving a better quality than other. When you think on the many benefits of having a pasta machine in the home, you will realize one of those key elements is saving you time, energy and money. So often we are in need of some pasta whether from scratch or just a little extra to complete that dish and having to turn the fire off to run to the store can be really frustrating; to make matters worse, let’s say it is raining or snowing. Having a pasta machine in the home has done more good for the family than it has done bad and the fact that it releases pressure and tension from the preparer makes them an “on demand” product.

There are many versions of Electric pasta machines which all have either similar and/or completely different features. There are top quality machines which are on the market and when checked, the reviews and feedbacks given by the users have all stated their effectiveness in completing tasks efficiently. Pasta is a delighted food kind that is loved by everyone whether it be the regular or that made by vegetables. It can go alongside any dish whether morning through night. Especially homes which have children (like mine) the need for this machine is vital as having the food in a manner which they can handle and eat more easily, makes for less stress and hassle.

When you decide that it is time to finally own one of these machines, you can choose from the most highly used and best rated. These include:

Atlas Electric Pasta Machine with Motor Set

This is the best electric pasta maker based on personal and other user ratings. This machine is made from chrome and nickel plated steel finish which makes it compatible for long lasting service and an extended lifetime warranty. This machine is operated on a 110 volt electric motor and is adjustable to a maximum 9 thickness level. With this machine you can be guaranteed of quality results within a fast period and no worries as it is quite easy to clean and store after use.


Weston Deluxe Electric Pasta Machine

This machine is another all time favorite. It has been tested and proven to be a non-hazardous machine for home use and is effective is providing the desired results for all home users. This electrically operated machine can produce pastas as fine as 1/10” with its manual adjustable settings for user convenience. It is made of a heavy duty metal finish which gives it durability and extended warranty in usage.  It operates on a 120 volt system and has a attached cleaning brush to make cleaning and maintenance easier. It can be stored easily after use.


Ovente PA815R Revolutionary Electric Pasta Maker

This pasta machine is able to cut up t 9 different thickness level and is designed with a built-in cutter for spaghetti and fettuccine andcan also serve as the best vegetable noodle maker. It is able to make multiple kinds of dough ranging from 0.5mm to 3mm and of course making work much easier. It is easy to operate with clear instructions in the attached manual, easy to clean and can be stored easily after using.



Top Must Try Dishes in Madrid

Madrid is heaven for foodies, thanks to its unpretentious food scene filled with hearty, savory dishes. Madrileños love to eat and mealtimes are never skipped. Expect long lunches and dinners, filled with conversation, good wine and of course, plenty of signature dishes. While creativity abounds and twists on the old favorites are praised in some restaurants, others pride themselves on serving typical dishes the ‘right’ way – the same way their grandmothers have been serving them for generations.

Here’s a list of foods from food critic Anna Ziuzina you just can’t miss when visiting Madrid.


Paella is a traditional rice dish originating in Valencia. In Spain, there are three common types of paella: Paella Valenciana (white rice, vegetables, chicken, duck and rabbit meat, land snails, beans, and spices), Seafood Paella (rice, seafood, and seasoning) and Paella Mixta, which is a free-style mixture usually made of rice, chicken, seafood (including clams), vegetables, olive oil, saffron, and other spices.


Tortilla, or Spanish Omelette, is a staple of Spanish cuisine and one of the most typical foods in Madrid. Here in the capital city, the huge diversity of this simple dish is on prominent display. You can find every variety of tortilla de patatas. Some are runny piles of egg and potato that you must scoop up with bread. Others are firm slices featuring everything from caramelized onions to mushrooms to sausage to peppers.

HuevosRotos con Jamon

With a literal translation of “broken eggs with ham,” this dish is self-explanatory. Two fried eggs with delicious cured ham served over a bed of crisped potatoes. The first thing you’re supposed to do is break the yolk to let it soak into the potatoes, and mix it all together. Depending on where you order them, they can either come as tapas or a main course. Although served at any time of day, this is something we recreate regularly for breakfast.

Chocolate con Churros

Madrid’s most delectable breakfast (or late-night snack) can be found all winter long at street stands and in many bars and cafés around the city: chocolate and churros. These crispy, deep-fried sticks of dough are lovingly dipped into mugs filled with thick, steamy chocolate. This plate is so rich and delicious that even most locals won’t be found eating it daily – instead, it’s saved for a weekend breakfast or special occasion.

Overall, Madrid is overflowing with restaurants, taverns and local tradition. With its colorful mosaic of neighborhoods, there is something for every palate in this gastronomical hub, and this list is the perfect jumping-off point for all your Spanish foodie adventures. If you are looking for the best Madrid eating experience, look no further than visiting the official website of food critic Anna Ziuzina here.

Learn How to Cook International Dish

The biggest joy of a stay at home mother is she can dedicate everything to take care of her family. That’s what you have been doing for years and you never stop to make it better. Here in Arabic culture, food has very important role. Having meal together is like a foundation of an Arabian family. That’s why serving delicious meals for your family is like a sacred duty for a mother like you.

Arabian culture is rich with cuisine and you love very much to cook classic Arabic dishes for your family. But it’s a mother’s duty to also open the world to her family and one of them by introducing different taste of cuisine from different cultures. You want your family to have the experience to learn about the word started from to taste the dishes from different countries. Of course, it doesn’t mean you’ll always bring your family to international restaurants to dine there because it would be too hard to afford dining there often. Learning how to cook international food will allow you to serve different dishes from different culture for your family.

Of course, internet is a valuable resource to learn new recipes from different culture. There are many online cooking websites including cooking videos you can find online. Unfortunately, not a lot of them are made for Arabic viewers especially when it comes to western food recipes. It would be so much easier to understand and to learn cooking western food when the recipes and the cooking guidelines are presented in Arabic so you won’t be lost in translation and can do it justice to the recipe. Well, you don’t need to worry about it. Here at Coctil you can find what you need. This is the online cooking site presented in Arabic and it is dedicated to those want to improve their cooking skills or simply want to try new recipes to cook.

This cooking site is focusing on international dishes covering many recipes from many different countries. You can find many great recipes for popular main dishes like steak, pasta, and many more. Other dishes from salad, pie, to different variations of dessert are also available there. All recipes come with detailed information of the ingredients and cooking steps you can follow without any hassle. Of course, you need to be wise choosing which recipe suitable with your cooking skill and also how much time you have to prepare the dinner.

At first, it would be very nerve wracking trying to cook something new especially with ingredients and cooking techniques you’re not familiar with. There will be times that you failed to cook some recipes. But the challenges are worth to try and you will be happy to see how your family love the new culinary experience they can get and It is all coming from your kitchen. Many great recipes you can try from this cooking websites and get also useful tips to improve your cooking. Everything is avalabe here at Coctil.

Green Smoothie: The Secret of Nature

Since the 1960s, smoothies have been presented as a healthy alternative to dairy products. They were made with milk, yoghurt, ice cream, chocolate or peanut butter. They became a delicious and popular product that offered the illusion of eating a healthy product.

Although they are healthier than cakes and other juices, that dazzled model of smoothie can not be compared to today’s green smoothie and its beneficial effects on health. So, what are green smoothies? Home made green smoothies require only a few ingredients. You just need fresh and organic green leafy vegetables, a few fresh and organic fruits and water to create a creamy and nutritious diet easy to digest green smoothie.

Usually, green smoothies are used in the process of switching to the raw vegan diet. Vegans and vegetarians can easily incorporate green smoothies into their diet.  Green smoothies will your health as long as your intake of processed foods is low in your diet.

How do we make a green smoothie?

When you want to experience new flavors, colors, or just want something new in the morning, a green smoothie is the solution at your fingertips. As we are in the hurry all the time and especially in the morning we need a quick recipe for energy and health. Green Smoothies are a quick way to add fruits and vegetables to your daily diet with the nutrient dose your body needs.

You need a decent blender or mixer to make green smoothies at home. At first, it is good to start with about 50/50 mixture of green veggies and fruits or even 40/60. This will help you get started with something more sweet to taste, especially if you are not used to the raw taste of green-leafed vegetables. If you use a blender, first put the leaves and then the fruits to make sure they are completely crushed. Eventually you can repeat the action for a more enjoyable consistency.

A lot of wonderful green leafy vegetables are especially available in this season: spinach, celery, kale, parsley, cucumber, dandelion, stevie are some popular choices for making green smoothies.

Why do you need to add fruits? Besides the nutritional elements, the fruits, especially the sweet ones, give a pleasant taste and take away the bitter taste of green leaves we are not used to. The best fruits for green smoothies are: bananas, pears, kiwi, mango and berries of all kinds. Take care to remove the stems and skin, but leave the seeds.

A cup or two of water is enough to help the green fruit concoction to turn into a drink that is easy to consume. Most people are surprised when they make a green smoothie for the first time and discover how good it is.

Once you’ve made a few green smoothies, be free to experiment with different ingredients. You may increase the amount of green in the blender gradually but keep it as simple as possible, especially at the beginning, until your body adapts to the new taste and source of nutrients.

No day without green smoothie

The truth is that our diet should be based on green leafy vegetables. These plants contain number of  proteins, minerals, vitamins and other important nutrients, many that we do not even know. Their value is even higher as their source is organic..

In my personal experience I try not to pass a day without this miraculous drink. Besides plants with green leaves, fruits and water, I also add a few spoons of essential fat like flax seeds or nuts. Sometimes a spoonful of honey or a little cinnamon can do its job very well. There are days when I use poppy seeds or chia seeds as another source of nutrients. You may also add certain super foods such as spirulina, goji, raw cocoa beans, pollen, chlorella, hemp seeds to your smoothies.

You should preferably drink the Green smoothie in the morning, may be after your morning workout.  Enjoy this wonderful nutritional complex, which can easily replaces your morning breakfast. Your body will get a fusion of elements necessary for its best functioning from these healthy smoothies. Do not forget that although the green smoothie is a liquid, chew it when you consume it. When you chew it gently, it gets mixed with the Saliva to create the pre-digestion juices necessary which aid in nutrient absorption.

Simple recipe for Green Smoothie

A smoothie means experiments and creativity and we encourage you to try your own recipes. If you need inspiration, here is a simple smoothie recipe for beginners. You can find more green smoothie recipes at http://www.justgreensmoothies.com

Ingredients ( for 2 people):

  • 1-2 handfuls of spinach leaves
  • 2 cups of coconut milk
  • 1 small piece of cucumber
  • 1 small piece of lemon or lime
  • 1 slice of pineapple
  • 1 banana
  • Half a teaspoon of ginger

Boost (optional):

  • Chia seeds
  • Coconut oil
  • Almond butter
  • Hemp seeds
  • Turmeric
  • Spirulina
  • Chlorella


  • Add the green leaves and the liquid first to the blender or juicer and blend for about a minute
  • Then add the fruit and blend again for 20 seconds.

List of Bad Food to Avoid


Here is a run down of top foods to avoid if you want to stay fit and healthy. These may be fine occasionally but should not be eaten every day! Here are some tips from food critic Anna Ziuzina.

Movie-Theater Popcorn

Movie-theater popcorn is a calorie and fat disaster! Most theaters pop their kernels in excessive amounts of oil, which is more than 90 percent saturated. Worse, portions are absolutely out of control! A medium size can be piled high with up to 20 cups of greasy popcorn, which will cost you 1,200 calories and 60 grams of saturated fat before you even factor in the buttery topping they automatically squirt on top of your tub. Ordering popcorn at theaters is a habit you surely want to break. Instead, get your fix when you’re having movie night at home, and enjoy low-calorie air-popped or light microwave popcorn for just 30 calories per cup.

Hot Dogs

Up to 80 percent of the calories in regular hot dogs come from fat, and much of it is the unhealthy type. Regularly eating processed meats like hot dogs has been linked to increased risk of heart disease and colon cancer. Swap out your hot dogs for lean chicken or turkey sausages which you get far less fat and more high-quality protein.


Starchy white bagelsand flavored varieties like onion and garlic bagels are made with refined wheat flour, which has been stripped of the fiber and nutrients that give whole grains their health benefits. The biggest issue with bagels is that they’re incredibly dense, which means they’re also incredibly full of calories.

Whole Milk

Whole milk is loaded with saturated fat, it is a type of fat that ups bad cholesterol and contribute to clogged arteries. Due to the extra fat, it is also higher in calories than low fat milk. Do your heart and waistline a favor and switch to skimmed low-fat milk. It’s one of the easiest ways you can make for a healthier diet.


100% of the calories in regular soda come from sugar. In fact, these empty liquid calories are largely responsible for fueling the obesity epidemic. Drinking soda also damages your teeth and promotes cavity formation. Some researches show sodawill weaken your bones. Instead of drinking soft drinks , just drink water.

For more information about what foods to avoid and read real restaurant reviews, visit the Anna Ziuzinapage here.


Learn Tango from Moscow’s Best Tango Dancer

It takes two to tango! But when you got the right dance partner, you will feel how tango is so exciting and enlightening. Living in this busy life, we have a lot of reasons of stress and frustration. You need something exciting to distract yourself from those pressures and feel that you are very much alive. If you are still looking, why don’t you try to learn tango dancing?

Tango is a very famous dance from Latin America. It is known for its dynamic and sexy movements. I believe you would agree to say that watching tango dance is very exciting but believe me when I say doing the dance yourself will be so much more exciting. Tango seems to be very difficult but actually, everyone can learn it even without previous dance experience or knowledge. Learning tango dance requires time and energy as well as discipline and patience. But once you master it, nothing can stop you from dancing the tango. First, you need to find a tango dance class with a skilled teacher. Here in Moscow, you can join Anna Ziuzina class at Tangomio. Ziuzina is a professional dancer with international reputation. She is well known as a prominent tango dancer and has been toured throughout Europe and the rest of the world. She is also a very passionate dance teacher willing to share her technique and skills to her students and more importantly, show them how to love dancing.

Ziuzina teaches tango dance lessons at Tangomio for different levels. It is ranging from beginners’ class to advanced level. She also offers private dance lesson for those who wants to learn and master the dance faster. Joining her class, you will be inspired on how dancing can be very exciting and also refreshing. So, there’s no need to hesitate.

Foods to Avoid in Your 50s

Turning 50 can feel a bit intimidating, but 50 is just a number, and if you feel young, then you truly are young. You’re only as old as you feel. There are a few physical changes that occur as the years come, which may induce some pretty lame side effects. To lessen these effects, you must start looking out for a few of the following foods then removethem off the menu. Here are some tips from food critic, Anna Ziuzina.

2nd Glass of Wine

For women, the known health benefits of wine are based on drinking a single, 5-ounce glass per day. A second glass can take a bad effect on your organs and cancel the positive effects of the first glass. Be selective when you reach for a second glass.

Breakfast Pastries

Low energy is another symptom of the slow metabolism that usually comes in your 50s, this is why it’s important to fuel yourself with energy-efficient foods.  Donuts and other sugary pastries may seem to give you a quick lift, but the refined starches will set you up for an energy crash within a few hours, making it tough to go through the afternoons.  Save those treats for your occasional desserts and choose breakfast foods that are rich in protein and fiber. This will help to stabilize your blood sugar levels and provide longer lasting energy.


Staying away from soda at any age is a no-brainer, but soda is an even bigger hazard when you’re dealing with abnormal blood sugar levels, a common problem for people in their 50s. Soda can send your blood sugars up, increasing your risk for type 2 diabetes. Studies also show that a high-sugar diet is linked to having unhealthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which are major risk factors for heart disease.

Deep-dish Pizza

Your metabolism slows down naturally as you age. You’ll probably notice that it’s become much easier for you to gain weight when you come of this age.  There are a lot of healthier alternatives to pizza, but deep-dish pizza is especially dangerous if you’re fighting off obesity, since the thick, white crust contains loads of unnecessary calories.  You don’t have to swear off the pies completely – just make smarter selections.  Swap thick crust for thin, load it with veggies, and skip the meaty toppings and extra cheese.


High-sodium foods can raise blood pressure even further, it’s especially important to maintain a low-sodium diet in your 50s, when your risk for heart disease and stroke are already elevated.  This usually means avoiding foods that are pickled, cured, or highly processed.  On average, one pickle contains 1180 mg of sodium – almost an entire day’s allotment for an adult with high blood pressure.

Eating good food can play a big role in increasing your lifespan, and giving you a better quality of life. For more information about the best foods to eat into your 50’s visit the Anna Ziuzina page here.

Eat Whatever You Want While Staying Healthy

Ever wonder how some people seem to eat whatever they wanteat what you want and still appear fit & healthy? Genes can play a role, but most contributing factors are completely within your control. To eat whatever you want without consequence does not exist; it will likely contribute to bad habits and poor health down the line. Whether or not genetics are on your side, in order to eat what you want and maintain good health in the long run, pay close attention to these 3 things:


1. What goes in — As the saying goes, “You are what you eat.” So, if you want to be healthy, you should eat healthy, right? The confusing part is knowing what eating healthy means. First of all, unless you’re an actor trying to temporarily attain a specific physique for a role, it may be best to avoid going on a diet. The great majority of diets exclude entire groups of foods, which is largely unrealistic and thus temporary. Not to mention, denying yourself a world of delicious foods is no fun. Eating healthy should be a lifestyle (an enjoyable lifestyle at that), not just a week/month/year-long change. It is learned and practiced over time until it is second nature.

Eat in moderation. Unless you have a food allergy, or are directed by your doctor, it is not necessary to completely cut out any one type of food as it may lead to a backlash of cravings and overindulging. Eat whatever you want, but consciously savor every bite rather than mindlessly stuffing your face and overeating. According to Harvard Health Publications, “mindful eating” helps people enjoy their food more and prevents binging. Simply being aware and savoring each piece of food that enters your mouth leads to increased portion control and greater satisfaction. Maintain a healthy relationship with food as you would a personal relationship: pay attention to it, appreciate it and don’t abuse it.

Minimize unhealthy foods. You might be thinking “But I thought I could eat what I want!” Yes, you can. However, eating what you want is different from eating as much as you want. Keep in mind that portions are everything. Generally speaking, the less healthy the food is, the lower the portion size should be. The following foods are Public Enemy No. 1 due to their health-harming ingredients (trans fats, high sodium, sugars, etc.) and should be eaten sparingly:

  • sugar—think “sweets, snacks and sauces”: candy, desserts, sodas, fruit juices, dried & canned fruits, jams & spreads, ketchup & BBQ sauce, breakfast cereals, energy & protein bars, granola and most foods marked “light” or “low fat”
  • simple carbs—think “white carbs”: white bread, white rice, white pasta and baked goods (note: sugar is also a simple carb)
  • fried food—think “crispy batter coating”: fried chicken, fries, chips and anything deep-fried
  • salt—think “preserved and processed”: canned foods, frozen foods, deli meats and condiments

Drink water. You shower/bathe with water to clean the outside of your body, so drink water to clean the inside of your body. Start ordering water instead of soda (including diet soda) or alcohol with your meals. If you miss the effervescence of soda, drink sparkling water. You can even make your own sparkling water at home.  It may taste bland at first, but your taste buds with adjust over time and the flavor of your food will take center stage. If you must have flavor in your drinks, infuse your water with lemon, lime, or cucumber slices…not those water “enhancers” with sweeteners and preservatives. You can also drink unsweetened tea or coffee as an alternative since they primarily consist of water and provide health benefits as well.

2. How it gets in — You use your mouth every time you eat, so it’s only natural that you should pay attention to your oral hygiene. What good is a great meal if you don’t have a healthy mouth to fully enjoy it?  Additionally, your oral condition is a window to your overall health so you might want to take these tips seriously.

Brush at least 2x a day (once in the morning after you get up and again at night after your last meal) with a high quality electric toothbrush. Brushing twice a day with a manual toothbrush most likely isn’t enough because most people don’t brush long enough, or use the proper technique. It’s a good idea to get an electric toothbrush that automatically turns off after you’ve brushed 2 minutes, sufficient time to fully brush all of your teeth. Also, while you can get about 300 brush strokes with a manual toothbrush, high quality toothbrushes can yield a mind-boggling 10,000-30,000+ brush strokes per minute. According to Health.com, these are the most highly recommended toothbrushes by dentists:

  • Foreo Issa Toothbrush – gentle rotating silicone bristles and sonic pulse technology; 35x more hygienic than standard bristles
  • Sonicare Diamondclean – sonic technology delivers 31,000 brushstrokes per minute; 2-minute quadrant timer
  • Rotadent Contour – small round head with soft, densely-packed bristles

Floss. Even the priciest top-of-the line toothbrushes may not get in every tiny crevice between your teeth which is why it’s still a good idea to floss effectively. Make it a regular habit after brushing and you’ll keep your pearly white eating tools healthy over your lifetime.


3. What goes out — Just as what goes up must come down, what goes in must go out…for the most part. The average adult in the US consumes approximately 5.46 pounds of food a day. Most of this food makes its way through and out of your body. Otherwise, you’d end up weighing 1996.3 pounds heavier at the end of a full year! With all the food you send through your body, your digestive system needs a hand making sure everything is properly digested and ejected. ?

First, increase your daily intake of foods that are naturally high in fiber. These include:

  • whole grains: barley, oats, birdseed, rice, rye, oat bran, nuts and raisins
  • legumes: peas, soybeans and beans
  • fruits: figs, prunes, apricots, dates, plums, kiwi, apples, ripened bananas, berries, pears, oranges, lemons, grapefruits and nectarines
  • vegetables: broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, peppers, beets, artichokes, potatoes with skin, cucumbers, asparagus, eggplant, carrots, cassava, spinach, squash, tomatoes and rhubarb

Also, reduce your intake of these constipation-inducing foods as much as possible:

  • red meat
  • dairy products
  • unripened bananas
  • chips
  • cookies
  • fried foods

Not everything you eat will be eliminated because food is meant to provide your body with nourishment and energy. Enter the mighty calorie. It’s important to know that a calorie is energy. In order for your body to properly use that energy, you’ll have to move it regularly (i.e. exercise daily). According to multiple scientific studies, the most efficient form of working out is high-intensity interval training (HIIT), also known as high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE) or sprint interval training (SIE). This requires short bursts of all-out effort and can be completed in under 30 minutes a day…That’s only 2% of your day. However, if the thought of expending maximum physical effort already stresses you out, begin with any sort of full body movement for 30 mins each day—whether it’s dancing to your favorite Pandora station, or going for a power walk around the block—to work up a good sweat and work your way up to better health. If you love food, you gotta learn to love to move.

As you incorporate these guidelines into your daily routines, they will increasingly feel like a natural part of your life. You will be able to eat whatever you want of the different types of foods while staying in good health and making your relationship with food as healthy as ever.

This article originally appeared on Glutto Digest HERE.

The Best High Fiber Foods and Health Drinks Are Not In Stores

While consuming fruits, vegetables and water every day is important, superior fitness can be achieved with high fiber foods and health drinks not found in stores. Even if you can digest the recommended 25-35 grams of fiber in food and 8-10 glasses of water every day, you may not be getting the best nutrition available. Most people find this prospect hard to swallow, and give up quickly on ever reaching perfect health and fitness. It takes too much time, effort and energy to buy, prepare, and devour that much produce, and who can guzzle that much water every day without craving some flavor?

The good news is that there are now some very beneficial high fiber foods and health drinks, which are concentrated, so that small amounts help you reach those power numbers. You won’t find these concentrated nutrients on the shelves at your local grocery store, and certainly not in the refrigerator section of the convenience store. We’re not talking about so-called “enhanced vitamin water” beverages that are filled with fructose and isolated vitamins, or energy drinks boosted with caffeine and sugar. Instead, we are referring to naturally produced health drinks made from real whole food sources such as lemons, peaches and raspberries. These health drinks are loaded with natural antioxidants and complex carbohydrates that the body recognizes as being from nature. Your body understands how to process these natural drinks better than man-made chemically produced, artificial drinks being sold in stores, and you achieve better results.

High fiber foods are sold in many different forms today, and the best way to ingest fiber is to eat raw fruits and vegetables. The challenge, though, is how to eat 25-35 grams of fiber in five servings of raw fruits and vegetables every day. Fortunately, you don’t have to consume mass quantities of plants to achieve the results that high fiber can offer for keeping your digestive system running smoothly. There are now some high fiber foods available in natural, tasty shakes that you can mix with water or other liquids for all the complex carbohydrates and essential vitamins and minerals you need. Throw in a few frozen banana pieces or berries to mix with the powdered shakes and you are quickly on your way to the fiber and nutrients you need each day. Best of all, the shakes taste good and contain FOS, fructooligasacharides, a pro biotic soluble fiber found in foods like garlic, onions or barley. Who wants to have garlic or onions for breakfast when it is easier to have a quick, tasty shake made with real strawberries or cocoa? That makes it so easy to get more essential fiber, complex carbohydrates and natural antioxidants for breakfast than most people get all day.

Drinking diet sodas or high fructose, high caffeine and high sugar energy drinks to get fit is like lifting 12 oz cans of beer to build muscle up. Those types of drinks only tear your body down, while health drink formulas made from all natural ingredients give your body the nutrients it is crying out for to keep going strong. Water is good, but if you find it incredibly tasteless and boring to drink 8-10 glasses of plain water every day, look for some new ways to make your water wetter and better. When you can drink a quart of water mixed with all natural antioxidants and complex carbohydrates for better taste and more benefits, why wouldn’t you? It makes no sense to spend more than a dollar for a bottle of sugar water when you can spend the same to super boost that water with natural energy, fat flushing and anti aging properties. Again, we’re not referring to loading up on caffeine and sugar, but enhancing your beverages with natural fruits and real foods from nature. It is so easy now to find these carefully produced, powerfully charged health drink formulas that you don’t need to shop every health food store or grocery store. You won’t find them there, but you will find them on the Internet. You have to step out of your comfort zone, change the way you think about nutrition, and change the way you shop for high fiber foods, health drinks, and other essential nutrition.

Some people think juicing is the best way to get fiber and other essential nutrients from fruits and vegetables. However, many others find it difficult and disappointing to spend hours cleaning and preparing the piles of produce needed for a small glass of juice. That seems so old school, and while juicing may have been good for Jack Lalane, it is not necessary today in order to consume enough high fiber foods and health drinks. Again, you just have to search the net for all natural high fiber foods and health drinks that are not sold in stores and you will find that there is an easier way to get complex carbohydrates, natural antioxidants and soluble fiber.

Changing my diet to a more contemporary way of eating high fiber foods and increasing the benefits of drinking water has worked quite well. I lost thirty pounds in the first month without even trying very hard, and I have easily kept that weight off for more than six years with the same products. I hardly ever shop at the grocery store and I get more nutrition for about three dollars from a quickly made, concentrated, all natural shake than most people get in a week. It’s so easy that once you find the keys to perfect health you will wonder how you ever lived without them, much the way we wonder how we ever lived without computers and cell phones. So, get out of the kitchen, get on the net, get your nutrition, then go out and live life to the max!

Alkaline Foods and Health Drinks To Bounce Back From A Cold

Bouncing back from a cold by consuming more alkaline foods and health drinks can give you an energetic fresh start. This year’s cold and flu season seems to be hitting harder than usual. The good news is that when it’s over, your body is cleaner, leaner and should function better, assuming you don’t start piling in the junk again. Here is a good way to get back your energy and create better health than you had before the cold hit.

First, let the cold run its course. It is really your body’s way of eliminating toxins that have built up over time. Don’t try to stifle the runny nose and coughs with antihistamines or other drugs that only delay the inevitable. If you slow the process down, then you are only prolonging the pain, and you may not get the full benefit of a natural cleanse. In my experience, a good, cleansing cold lasts about 7-10 days. Think of it as a natural cleanse. Then, get more out of the recovery with alkaline foods and natural health drinks.

When you feel like the cold is starting to disappear, you will probably feel that it is time to start some fresh, new healthy habits. One of the best things you can do after a cold is develop healthier eating habits. A good way to do that is by including more alkaline foods and health drinks in your diet. This means, consume more foods that form an alkaline ash in the bloodstream after they are digested and burned for fuel.

What are alkaline foods that help you bounce back from a cold?

Think about fresh fruits and vegetables, natural foods that are lower in animal protein, health drinks without sugar or artificial sweeteners and food grade herbs, not medicinal herbs.

Some of the more common acid forming foods can be caffeine, chocolate, beef, pork, fish, alcohol, soda, even beans and rice.

Experts recommend that your daily alkaline food intake should be about 80% of your diet, compared with only 20% acid forming foods. The theory is, and I think it does hold water, that it is harder for illness and disease to take hold in a more alkaline environment.

Through a great deal of research, and personal experience, I have discovered numerous health benefits with more alkaline foods in my diet. By maintaining that 80/20 ratio, I have experienced fewer arthritic pains and digestive problems. Also, by adding health drinks that are less acid forming, I feel better knowing that my body has the tools it needs to work on other issues such as eliminating toxins, rather than constantly struggling just to maintain internal pH balance.

So, the next time you are recovering from a cold, take advantage of your cleaned out system while taking your health and fitness to a new level. Get your energy, stamina and power back with a fresh boost. Search the Internet to find natural alkaline foods and health drinks for pH balance. Begin incorporating more of these into your life while avoiding so many acid forming foods and you will feel the difference.